Make sense of why your partner does what he/she does. Get more of your needs met…

Learn what makes relationships work, and renew love & happiness…

Expressing ourselves honestly and respectfully is necessary to forming solid relationships…

Differences in sexual desire and arousal issues affect sexual performance …

Deep pain and loss can adversely affect the way you view life and live life…

Not coping with everyday matters. Stress and anxiety could be spiraling out of control…

Personal and Relationship Counselling

Krystyna Noah is highly skilled in couples, family and personal counselling with over 20 years of experience.

She provides practical solutions to;

  • Improve relationships, restore love and respect?
  • Restore missing intimacy in your relationship?
  • Issues with separation or divorce?
  • Family interaction problems?
  • Your children’s well being due to bullying, study problems or social interaction?
  • Coping with stress, anxiety or work issues?

All these issues, rob you of your happiness and enjoyment of life.  Identify the real issues in your life and learn life changing skills. Krystyna Noah is a skilled and experienced counsellor, who can assist you to find your way amongst life’s challenges.

Everybody deserves a quality life, and quality relationships with others.

It’s time to put effective strategies into place.

Individual & Relationship Counselling

Krys NoahBoth Individual & Couple Counselling involves the management of problematic issues that block progress and satisfaction in one’s life. It may include strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, confidence building & self-esteem, anger issues, changing self- defeating habits and behaviours.

Krystyna Noah’s awareness and solid knowledge base as a Psychotherapist and a Relationship Specialist, has assisted couples and individuals through all aspects of life. A sound relationship with one self, and others, requires openness to new possibilities.

Krystyna Noah is an unbiased professional who can help clarify and discuss options. Her solutions based counselling approach seeks to find resolution to stressful and difficult situations in the shortest possible time. She sees clients of all ages offering individual and couple therapy.

Issues may include:

  • Personal Concerns, Conflict Resolution
  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Anger, Grief & Loss
  • Trauma & Childhood Issues
  • Confidence, Self Esteem
  • Improving Relationships, Intimacy & Sexual Issues
  • Marriage, Separation, Divorce, Mediation
  • Family Issues, Children’s concerns
  • Work Issues, Management Skills & Problem Solving

Everybody deserves a quality life, and quality relationships with others. It’s time to put effective strategies into place.Save



Explore Productive Options

Learn to Trust Again

Make a Shift from Unhelpful Patterns and Habits

Be Open to New Possibilities and Ideas

Enjoy Quality Relationships

Practical Strategies for Change

Break Through The Problem Issues

Develop A Willingness To See Things Differently

Move Forward in Your Life

Embrace A Happier Fulfilled Life

Gain New Perspective

Find your way amongst life's challenges.

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