Anger ManagementKrys’ ability to see past presenting issues is instrumental in connecting with individuals with anger issues.

Anger is a natural and appropriate response to a number of situations including being lied to or otherwise betrayed, and in those times it would be unhealthy not to feel anger and give it a voice. Verbalising the emotion and working it through is how to relieve the physical and mental stress anger creates.

Krys facilitates the opportunity to resolve the problem with the other person and move past being angry.

Unhealthy anger, conversely, results when people flip out automatically as a reaction, or the extent of the anger is out of proportion to what happened. They hold onto grudges, rage at “stupid” drivers, unfairly blame their spouse/partner for events, and get angry at silly mistakes of their own.

Being angry is what they do because it’s the only way they know how to react in a situation, so they do it a lot.

Cause of Anger

Anger usually comes from unresolved hurt. It is a physical state of neediness, that internal happening that prepares us to cope with hurtful, frustrating and fearful experiences. Unfortunately unless there is some resolution this anger can become quite toxic to self and others.

Dealing with Anger

There are two ways of dealing with the emotion of anger – the constructive way, or the destructive way. Krys’ expertise in teaching individuals to take responsibility for their actions and equipping them with an awareness of sensing the beginning of the uncomfortable feelings allows the client to immediately intercept the negative emotion before it gets out of control.

Anger issues to be explored include:

  • What’s behind the anger?
  • Destroying your Health and your Relationships
  • Exploring the Source of the Anger
  • Examining the Unidentified, Unfulfilled Need
  • Fair Fighting Rules and Problem Solving
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Krys encourages constructive action, coupled with new behavioural strategies. This will result in decatastrophising and not “sweating the small stuff”. New habits develop and a calmer demeanour will be evidenced as the ability to manage life’s ups and downs is exercised with greater confidence.

Being in charge of your own emotions is a strength. Out of control behaviour results in reactivity and negativity.

Step out and take the challenge. Learn new ways to escape the anger prison.