Communication SkillsGood communication is vital in relating to others.

Without these skills, continual frustration, misunderstanding and aloneness prevail. Krys helps clients to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility.


Krys runs Communication Workshops and has achieved tremendous praise for outstanding results. She encourages individuals to take risks and to step forward in expressing their needs and wants in a respectful adult manner.

Krys also supports individuals who have difficulty in social interactions. She teaches individuals how to approach new situations with confidence and assertion.

Many relationship breakdowns occur because of poor communication skills.

Effective Communication

Krys encourages Effective Communication which allows for the exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas. Listening skills and acknowledgement skills are vital to sound communication. Krys works with her clients to ensure that they are proficient in exercising these skills. Without these skills communication will fail.

Communication Skills include

  • Attentive Listening
  • Reflection and Clarifying Skills
  • Acknowledgement Skills
  • Body Posture, Facial Expressions & Gestures
  • Eye Movements
  • The Spoken & Written Word
  • Understanding Difference between Assertion /Passivity/Aggression
  • I – Messages
  • Barriers to Communications

The ability to communicate with others is not something with which we are born, but it is a skill which can be learnt – everybody has the potential to communicate effectively.