Woman and Man ClosenessYour fantasy relationship can be with the person you are with right now!

You may be actually looking at your dream man or dream woman but somehow the fire in the relationship has been slowly diminishing.

Relationship Counselling is about bringing the fun, passion and excitement back into the relationship.

You can exchange a monotonous, routine relationship for an emotionally connected one with greater intimacy and fabulous sexual engagement. When you learn to awaken the feelings that you already possess and become more aware and mindful of each other’s needs the “sky is the limit” for your relationship potential.

Krystyna’s counselling directive will support you in applying principals & strategies that will:

  • Realise your own potential and increase the quality of your life together.
  • Experience a renewed sense of challenge and excitement.
  • Expand your understanding & awareness of what makes your partner tick.
  • Turn your emotional disengagement to a desire to meet your partner’s needs.
  • Recognise your repeated negative patterns.
  • Create a willingness to be influenced by your partner and see things differently.
  • Improve your well being by lowering stress and learning to release your feelings and get the emotional response you need from your partner.
  • Increase your confidence by learning communication skills that make a difference.
  • Enhance shared meaning, purpose, goals toward a happier future.
  • Heighten romance, fun and sexual pleasure.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

You are valuable, and your relationship with your partner cannot be left to chance. You can transform old responses into new behaviours and enjoy the relationship of your dreams.

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