Christmas is fast approaching and I felt it was time to get to the ‘heart of the matter’ when it comes to our expression of Christmas love, cheer and what it means to give from the heart.

The heart has, in the past, been a reasonably misunderstood organ whose sole function was to pump and circulate blood for survival. Needless to say we would not be here if that integral function ceased. Interestingly, the heart actually affects us in more ways than we realize. It has now been deemed to be our ‘second brain’ as there is more evidence to support the fact that the heart plays a much larger role in every aspect of our life than previously thought.

Heart Memory

So, what is this telling us about our heart? Medicine & Science is recognising that it is far more complex than first thought. It appears that our hearts hold memories. Could some of these memories have been inherited from previous generations? Why not? People are quick to point out physical features that are similar to a great aunt or uncle, or a great great grandfather or grandmother, and yet science has been relatively slow to recognise that emotions and behaviours are also inherited.

Society likes to blame everything on parents if the child is ‘acting out’ or somehow ‘different’ however it does not account for the fact that the child is an individual in their own right with their own learned behaviour from their environment, both family & society, and also their own inherited emotions and behaviours. We all carry individual characteristics – our foibles, strengths and weaknesses ever evolving over time. Many parents would agree that at times they wonder who their child is, and wonder what they’re on about. Conversely, many offspring think the same about their parents. Thank goodness most families manage these differences. Unfortunately, some find it difficult to navigate emotional issues, and sadly, in some cases separation comes into play, which causes immense grief and pain to both adults and children.

Humans are complex in their makeup. Some things we understand about ourselves, while other things are baffling to us. When we are blinkered to some of those other things, it inevitably creates conflict & contradiction in our lives and blaming others seems an acceptable easier option than looking at self. Ultimately, as adults the onus is on every one of us to review and take stock of the wonderful achievements & understandings that are enhancing our lives, but to also be open to the areas that aren’t working that well, and require fine-tuning. In other words, being prepared to ‘take the blinkers off’ and see it for what it is, how it affects self and others, and most importantly taking an action for constructive change.

Regardless of our genetic makeup, and our learned behaviours, most individuals strive to do their best. Their intent is not to cause trouble and pain, however if this is occurring then it may be time to ‘bite the bullet’ and seek help.

ChristmasDuring this Christmas Season seek to feel with your heart rather than your head. Immerse yourself fully in that part – feeling and sensing yourself and the world from there. Notice any blocks – soften them as you breathe into that area. Ask what life looks like from there. If you’re pondering something, or trying to make a decision, try it out from there. You will be much more connected and gain more wisdom using mindfulness from the heart. Our head driven, somewhat selfish western culture deters us from listening to our hearts and listening from our hearts.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

To you all, I thank you for your openness and sharing in times of need. Through this stepping out learning, understanding, repair and rebuilding can further evolve.

May we all embrace being more heartful and heartfelt. Feeling joy, empathy, kindness, love and compassion through our hearts – the place where true authentic connection comes from. Reach out to one another – your family and friends, and those in need, especially those that are doing it alone.

Heartfelt Christmas Joy & Cheer to you All!