Self EsteemSelf esteem is an emotion.

It is the degree that we consciously or sub-consciously accept and like ourselves, despite our mistakes and human frailties. It determines what we think about ourselves and how we behave toward others.

Krys uses a number of invaluable tools and approaches to turn negative self talk, and negative thoughts into positive action.

She teaches clients how to break the destructive cycle of remaining in “think” and “feel” for too long. Getting stuck in this cycle inevitably leads to anxiety, low self worth, and depression.

Some approaches and strategies include:

  • Recognising negative self talk & the triggers
  • Determining rational & irrational thoughts
  • Straight thinking exercises
  • Strategies for challenging negative thoughts
  • Genuine self versus survival self
  • Authenticity test
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Reprocessing)

Krys teaches her clients to value and care for themselves. Sometimes they remain stuck because of past hurts and trauma.

Healing will occur when there is a commitment to accept and understand the present reality, and a desire to change what isn’t working. It also requires an openness to be aware of that which is holding a person back from reaching their full potential. Actioning new strategies is imperative for true change to come about.

Krys manner and sensitivity motivates her clients to desire an enriched life of authenticity, and contentment.