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After Lockdown Relationship Breakups

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be a surge in relationship breakups after lockdown is lifted. The freedom of ‘getting out’ and living as normal a life as possible is going to alter and influence people’s attitudes, and possibly propel them to behave differently in their ‘newfound freedom’. Feeling like you have been given an ‘out of jail’ card will trigger a greater sense of hankering for new beginnings – particularly with individuals who already displayed self-centredness, lack of co-operation, disregard for other’s feelings, or just were bad communicators.

So …. What is a reason to cut ties from your partner?

The COVID-19 Virus just added to the disease of an already breaking, or broken-down relationship before quarantine.

BreakUp or Stay in Relationship?

There were many people considering a breakup before the virus hit. Some moved swiftly and removed themselves from further pain and heartbreak, while others stayed and got completely caught up in the fear of ‘nobody else will want me’, ‘ I’m probably not good enough’, or ‘it’s probably as good as it will ever get’, ‘I don’t want to start again – it’s too hard’, ‘better the devil you know’, etc.

For others they saw it as a temporary situation to stay until things improved with the outside world. And there are those that secretly hoped that their emotional wellbeing within the relationship may also improve – unfortunately without anything changing.

It’s commonly called ‘the roll of the dice’.

Relationship Survival

For those that moved back in, or never moved out, some realise that there is no effort to reconcile. Others are making a go of it given the circumstances they are in.

Maybe some will work out, but statistically, most will result in a few short-term quarantine spurts of engagement, but not much by the way of long-term re-coupling.

Understanding and actioning those elements that constitute a thriving, vibrant relationship can swing open new doors to wonderful possibilities and dreams being realised.

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